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My name is Destynee Bright. I am an entrepreneur and youth advocate/mentor that aspires to uplift and empower the self-esteem of young ladies going through adolescence. 


    Recognizing that societal ills (teen pregnancy, STDs, poverty, and drop-out rates) are often a result of low self-esteem, I was inspired to do something that would encourage and empower young ladies to feel beautiful on the inside and out. In addition to working with a compelling youth mentoring program called "The Powerful Voices of Young Ladies," where I encourage at-risk youth to make positive life choices; I was also inspired to start my own business called, "Destynee 'N' Beyond," where I help females enhance their beauty and appearance. 


    Focusing first on understanding and recognizing one’s inner beauty, I try to lead by example and encourage the young women in The Powerful voices of Young ladies to value their minds, bodies, and spirits at all costs. Only after fully understanding their inner beauty do we try to gauge and understand the confines of outer beauty. Hence, Destynee 'N' Beyond offers stylistic jewelry, clothing, and hair extensions for the enhancements of one’s outer beauty.


    I believe that as a young woman, I have the power to encourage other young people, particularly women, to see beauty within themselves instead of seeking love and negative attention from others. As a young person, I have the power to make a positive change in my city and in my community. Although, I realize that I can't change and/or touch everyone, I know that my voice can and will be heard through mentoring and through my business.

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